Resolution – for March 2019

The Warmley War Memorial Hall and Community Centre

that a General Meeting of The Warmley War Memorial Hall and
Community Centre will be held at THE WARMLEY WAR MEMORIAL HALL
BRISTOL, BS15 9JB on Wednesday 27th March at 7:30pm to transact the following business.

1 Welcome from the Chair.

2 Apologies for absence.

3 Helen Black Chief Office CVS South Gloucestershire – Charitable Incorporated Organisation overview

4 Resolution.
4.1 A resolution for The Warmley War Memorial Hall and Community Centre to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which will involve seeking permission from the Charity Commission to close the existing Charity number: 301643 and transferring its assets and activities to a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation provisionally called The Warmley Community Centre and War Memorial Hall.

“The members of The Warmley War Memorial Hall and Community Centre hereby approve Charitable Incorporated Organisation Constitution subject to any amendments that might be required by the Charity Commission and authorise the Trustees to take all such steps as are necessary to wind up the current Association (Charity number: 301643) and transfer its assets and activities to the new Charitable Incorporated Organisation provided all the following conditions are met:

a) that the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales
b) that the Charity will transfer its activities to the CIO and the CIO will continue these activities
c) that no price will be payable to the Charity by the CIO for the transferred property
d) that the CIO has agreed to accept the property of the Charity on the terms stated
e) that all necessary consents have been acquired from third parties (if any)
f) that all members of the Charity at the time of transfer will be accepted as members of the CIO if they apply
g) that on the Transfer Date (a date to be established by the Trustees), the Charity shall deliver to the CIO all its cash and assets and shall assign all contracts and debts to the CIO
h) that from the Transfer Date the CIO shall undertake and perform all contractual obligations of the Charity
i) that from the Transfer Date the Charity appoints the CIO as its agent to collect in outstanding debts and discharge outstanding obligations”