Penny and Vowles Room

Ideal for small parties, meetings, training, arts and crafts, and special interest groups.

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Room facts

  • Capacity: 60.
  • Hard floor.
  • Tables and chairs available in this room.
  • Ability to divide the space into 2 rooms.
  • Light and airy.

p and vThis dual function room can be used as a small hall.  With a hard floor, it is suitable for smaller parties and gatherings.  The design of the room suitably accommodates larger group meetings.

The room boasts lots of natural light and so good for accommodating crafts and interest groups such as sewing and art groups.

Although there is no direct access to the kitchen, we are able to provide a kettle.

A flip board is available on request.


And if your event where participants need to be divided into groups (such as training and team building events) this room has the ability to be divide for optimum training opportunities.

Would you like more tips and making the best of hiring this room?  Ask for support from our Admin team when you make your booking.